GigaSports 會員優先登記
VIP Pre-Registration

Please complete below form to get the passcode for pre-registration of the race at

  • 每位會員只可登記1次及取得1個優先登記密碼
    Each VIP is eligible to register once only to get a pre-registration passcode
  • 每個密碼只可用作優先登記1次
    Each passcode can only be used for pre-registration once
  • 密碼只可用於優先登記所選擇之參賽組別,參賽組別一經接納,將不獲更改
    Passcode can only be used for the race category you have selected in the pre-registration. Once the entry is confirmed, race category is non-changeable under any circumstances.

登記表格 Registration Form

By pressing AGREE button, I confirm that the information given is true and complete. Also I confirm that I have read and understand all related terms and conditions and agree to be bounded.

I do not wish to receive any direct marketing or promotional messages include special offers and electronic coupons.

忘記你已領取之密碼? 請按此以重新獲得優先登記密碼
Forgot your passcode? Press here to recovery your pre-registration passcode